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Bethesda At E3 2018: Okay Okay we heard you stop with the nagging

Next comes the trailer for Doom Eternal, and this game is READY to go to the dance. Heavy Guitar riffs, lots of hell beasts, brain crabs, and one Space Marine who has to destroy them all. Earth is overrun by hell beasts. The ONLY part of this segment that BLEW was the creators on the stage because they were OBVIOUSLY nervous as shit and it was like “okay, get off the stage, stop giggling get off the stage, no really, get off the stage”

Are you ready for the next LAME ASS PRESENTER, unfortunately if you weren’t they brought him anyway. Quake Champions gets a new trailer, AND a free trial for the next week for those who wish to download it. Especially if you are a quake baby trying to become a QUAKE DADDAY(if you rewatch the conference you will see why I said that.

Next came Prey Dlc, Prey Mooncrash I never touched Prey but this looks like space cuphead so fuck no. I mean it isn’t like Contra it’s a FPS but seriously EVERY time you die you have to redo the whole run. FUCK THAT SHIT, they are also mentioning something called Tifan hunter but yeah NO thank you.

Next we get a new Wolfenstein trailer cause “FUCK NAZI’S”(ahem that is a Direct Peter Hines quote) Wolfenstein Youngblood, it features the last protagonists twin daughters. He also mention that we are getting Wolfenstein VR Wolfenstein Cyberpilot.

Next Todd Howard comes back to basically troll us using Key by showing us BULLSHIT Skyrim. Skyrim on Alexa.  This is hilarious I am MAD that this is just a skit with Key of Key and Peel. GOT US, but Awesome

Then he tells us “Hey guys, we are about to let you be EVEN MORE EVIL IN FALLOUT” Fallout 76 is an MMORPG well maybe not massive, he said like dozens of people. Of course the main problem is that there are NUKES IN THIS SHARED WORLD, you can fight with your friends to get all the codes. Oh but there is no such thing as a SAFE HAVEN, basically you can TAKE your C.A.M.P. with you but you will ALWAYS get attacked by all kinds of funky creatures. Including POSSIBLY MothMan.

Oh he also mention that they were creating a B.E.T.A(Break it Early Test Application), then of course there is a glow in the dark map with collectible creatures, and a power armor helmet Fallout 76 drops November 14, 2018. It is also the 3 year anniversary of Fallout shelter, which is coming to the PS4 and the Switch.


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