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Microsoft at E3 2018: WE HAVE THE MONEY!

That is the best way to sum it up, Microsoft came out showing that not ONLY was the checkbook finally open but that they weren’t shy on spending dough. Microsoft showed 50 games, 18 world premieres and a bunch of exclusive. Whether it be console launch or exclusive period, Microsoft has heard the fans and showed you GAMES, GAMES, told you about the services, Dropped New Studios(including a surprise studio), discussed new services, and gave Gamepass a kick. Once again I watched the Microsoft briefing on Mixer THOUGH it did not start out without some drama, as my Xbox refused to log me in to My mixer account, odd, annoying, but I got through it. The INTERESTING thing about the Microsoft briefing was they started out with their pants on fire.

Yes I said it, I heard all over the interwebs that there was ONE DEFINITE that Microsoft was not going to do. Now, IF what they are saying is we weren’t debuting it with THAT title okay, fine it’s a white lie, it was misleading not a lie. But I know what I saw to start the show and it was like HOOOOOLY SHIT. Oh and Microsoft trolled us all a few times, there was definitely “Sugar Added” to the E3 stage a few times. This was not a pure popcorn E3(IE nothing but action, something you can just sit and enjoy) but it did bring popcorn moments. Okay enough stalling

We open up to video of a FOREST, so most of us were probably thinking Fable or some other wildlife type game, MAYBE even Shadow of the Tomb Raider. What we got, ooooh what we got, was a return of the king Halo Infinite. Now no, we didn’t get any gameplay but it was nice to see the chief, in armor, with his old helmet. You can watch the teaser right there. It was pretty, butter smooth I have no clue what we are doing but Phil said we join Master Chief in a new adventure so I can’t wait.

So after the jaw drop moment, Phil talked about Xbox fanfest and their charitable giving so that sick kids can game with their friends. Then Phil dropped his next bomb shell

  • 50 games
  • 18 exclusives
  • 15 World Premieres

So he kicks it off with bubble gum in Ori and the Will of the Wisps and if any of y’all have checked my gaming habits I DON’T CARE, but I am covering the conference not talking about my gaming library. If you like the quirky platformer have at it I ain mad at you SKIP for my library(though technically I will own it free in gamepass).

Then came Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice This game had me guess til the end, was it a new Ninja Gaiden, was it Asian Dark Souls(it still might be Asian Dark Souls). All I will say is this Dude KICKS ASS. Fake super hand kind of Bionic Commando style, PROBABLY QTE executions like God of War. I actually want this game, it comes out next year.

Next Todd Howard of Bethesda hit the stage to FIRST announce that Fallout 4 was coming to Gamepass, which with ALL THE MONEY they make, and how you probably STILL have to buy the DLC that isn’t a small deal. Then we got the “meat of the moment” trailer for Fallout 76 a prequel to ALL OTHER fallout games. Todd claims 76 is 4 times larger than fallout 4, it also apparently is in the area of West Virginia AND includes Washington DC because I believe I see the White House in the trailer.

Next came another Bubble gum segment, a new Square Enix game in the universe of Life is Strange The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. You play a kid and go on adventures in his imagination. Okay the trailer is right there have fun with it. Oh this game is free on June 26th

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