When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Microsoft at E3 2018: WE HAVE THE MONEY!

BACK TO ADRENALIIIIIIINE, do that in Terry Crews voice because next we got Crackdown 3 Footage and a release date. Terry is the PERFECT spokesman for this game, building destruction, cars that can ride up walls, transform into bigger vehicles AND a tank. All kinds of crazy weapons(including a Rubber Ducky Cannon?) Shit get blowed, really blowed. Explosions, falling buildings, you can catch and throw a tank. I swear they stole the flying dragon from Avengers and threw it in there. It’s not coming out til February next year but I can’t wait to play it.

Next they put their Xbox One X Enhanced logo all over Nier:Automata Become as Gods Edition. Most likely the “all dlc included” version of the game that dropped on PS4 last year, just with juicier textures.

Oh if you wonder why the paragraphs are so short, 50 games I gotta include in here, 18 exclusives trying to keep it short and sweet may revisit it after E3 to go into more depth.

Next they showed off the gritty beauty of Metro Exodus. I have no clue what Metro is as a game, I haven’t played one but I like the new weapon customization they are showing off. It’s a post apocalyptic world game so should be fun. Didn’t see anything about game pass so this one requires money. Release date of 2/22/19

Then the STEAL of E3 as far as World Premieres are concerned Kingdom Hearts 3, it’s one thing to get it on your console quite another to BE THE FIRST ONES TO SHOW IT OFF. Eikichi has been dieing for this game for like 10 years, called me a LIAR when I said it existed WITH a release date. Like, where is the faith in a sibling that I would want to be the first to know his dreams had come true. Wreck it Ralph, Tangled, Frozen, and most likely a few Classic locales.

Next we got the Sea of Thieves Road map, 4 million players(of which I am a wayward member), 1.5 million friends made and 2 new maps coming in July Cursed Sails and September Forsaken Shores. Sea of Thieves is a lot of fun, the only caveat is time. You can get sucked in to a voyage for 3 plus hours EASY. I should know I have done it a few times myself, swear “I’m just gonna give it an hour….3 hours later” I mean I had a blast but I had SHIT TO DO. UGH!” 


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