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Microsoft at E3 2018: WE HAVE THE MONEY!

Then came the Battlefield V Nordlys campaign information, which I can’t find yet. So I will probably have to come back and edit it in when said campaign info finally hits the interwebs.

Playground games showed off the new footage for Forza Horizon 4, unfortunately it isn’t in Tokyo but Britain. not that it doesn’t look sweet, AND it is going to drop in game pass day and date (that being 10/2/18). Seriously the dynamic seasons, the dynamic weather, time passage, and how everyone is in the same open world. Oh and there will be a 60 fps mode on Xbox One X. I won’t lie WHERE IS THE BETA/DEMO where we can drive this shit. “Primal you hate Horizon games” Okay I suck at drifting AND it looks like a crash fest. But for FREE/a part of the 10 bucks a month I already pay for Game pass, why wouldn’t I play it. I love racing games.

Microsoft Showed you the money and where it was spent, by showing you the 5 studios they just bought. Some of which we kind of expected, first was The Initiative, this is the Santa Monica studio. Undead Labs, the creators of State of Decay. Of course the “known unknown” Playground games, who SUPPOSEDLY is working on Fable. The STEAAAAAL was Ninja Theory, the company that created Hellblade. Compulsion Games is back and NOW in the fold, I am guessing We Happy Few was a “damn near got away” that Phil decided was a hell to the nah. Oh and we got another We Happy Few trailer. I love Ollie, I don’t know shit about this game, I didn’t play it in game preview but seriously Scottish dudes losing their shit is my weakness.

Player Unknown Battlegrounds showed off new maps and war mode. This batch of crazy is coming to us later on this summer as well as SOMETHING dropping winter 2018.

Another Eikichi favorite Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition was showcased next. I get tired of being called a liar about games I don’t even play? Like BRUH I know you like it so I gave you the heads up, sit thine 5 dollar ass DOWN. I assume this is BOTH Vesperia games didn’t catch the launch date.

Then the most HATED game that probably will get absolutely NO love when it drops, but it’s their own damn fault The Division 2. Now you might ask “Why will they be hated whenever it drops?” Because when the DIVISION dropped they gave us this awesome gameplay trailer that NEVER came to pass, and they have once again dropped a Gameplay Trailer. I hope they learned their lessons this time, because they will not get a third chance. The Division is a fun game, for a least like 60 hours. But the amount of shit you had to pay for as well as all the shit that was missing, yeah people were rightfully pissed.


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