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Sony E3 2018, Seriously did you have to prove you could do WORSE than last year?

I don’t even REMEMBER if I got through my blog about Sony’s FUNERAL that was Playstations 2017 E3 conference. Even the crowds who attended seemed forlorn and dumbstruck. And then THIS YEAR, dude you can’t just go to people talking for 20 minutes while the folks at home are trying to figure out what the fuck you are doing. Filler has to be MILDLY entertaining, a bunch of people talking on a stage basically saying “Hey we are moving the LIVE AUDIENCE to another location which is why we aren’t showing you any more games” like who’s drunk ass thought THAT was a capital idea. It bogged the show down so badly that while the GAMES looked good the show itself never recovered.

Oh yeah, WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH ALL THE MUSICAL NUMBERS. After most likely pissing off a few Christians as they talked about whether or not Church Requirements were filled, they went to a guy onstage playing a Banjo. Not playing a Banjo as a game was showing behind him, no he FINISHED HIS SONG and THEN they went into the trailer… *facepalm*

Dear Sony, I understand you got into the GOOD COKE this time but please go to rehab. This wasn’t pretty

No seriously that wasn’t the ONLY musical number either anyway to the games…

Sony kicked the show off with a masterpiece(and captain Jo Pickin smh) The Last of Us 2 with a mix of cinematic and in engine gameplay. I don’t know if that is Ellie or not but after her kiss she goes into some camp and kicks major ass. Unfortunately this did NOT seem to be appreciated by a lot of Playstation fans, cries of “Great another SJW game,” and “The Last of Lesbians,” and whole host of other dickless shit that I couldn’t believe but some fans will remove all doubt of their manhood being contained in the games that they play.

Unfortunately THIS was the first slowdown in the show. As they were moving the attendees to the next stage the SWITCH to a raised dias where a few Playstation employees are basically explaining to the viewers that YES we did not plan this out well.

I guess we got a SMALL mercy kill when Black Ops 4  showed with Classic Black Ops maps and Black Ops 3 free for PS plus today, I don’t know why they say TODAY because they ALWAYS mean the next day. Xbox had the same problem when I checked on the 11th I couldn’t download the Division or Fallout 4. I mean hey The Bullet Time and Bullet Travel path was cool and all, but seriously I wanted to actually see more about Black ops.

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