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Sony E3 2018, Seriously did you have to prove you could do WORSE than last year?

Even though nobody seems to be feeling Destiny 2 anymore, I guess Sony has to make the MOST of the Marketing Deal. So Destiny 2 Forsaken showed a trailer on the screen I guess for MORE time Killing because YES the show was REALLY on life support. I am not a Destiny fan haven’t played either one. While I know people who have put HUNDREDS of hours in Destiny 1 I heard Destiny 2 was a letdown. Hey you can’t get them all right, and many times trying to become more casual friendly in a game that was built up by the hardcore is foolish

They FINALLY finish moving the crowd to the next room and now we get a guy playing a flute with a video of a field in the background. When he finishes we go into Ghosts of Tsushima, just like Sekiro on Xbox’s stage Ghosts makes you wish you had a time machine. Some may complain that it looks like it is on a Dev kit or a High End pc but the gameplay looked good. It was straight forward sword fighting not a shitload of dancing and swords flashes just to land a lucky stab in the back. Nope you got the shits sliced out of you and he moved on to the next victim, yes if you were next in line you were a victim your just weren’t bleeding yet. You meet his Impromptu Ally as SOME POOR SOUL catches an arrow to the back, and a sword. Cause you make SURE your opponent is dead in Tsushima, just wish we had a release date.

Next we got a peak at a game from Remedy Entertainment Control, which to Xbox fans looks a LOT like Quantum break. It also looks a bit more polished than Quantum Break and if Remedy learned its lesson they will have dropped the “TV show” Aspect of the game and just let you get emersed in the world itself.

I mean another year another remake/remaster Resident Evil 2 has made it’s return and yes it does look pretty on this gen. This is a Resident Evil trailer, do not EAT while watching it, if you aren’t one for jump scares skip it, if you don’t like the sight of blood.. RESIDENT FUCKING EVIL, it’s a gory ass Zombie game. That spawned a series of damn good movies.


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