When I get my head on straight I'll tell ya

Sony E3 2018, Seriously did you have to prove you could do WORSE than last year?

Do you like Rick and Morty okay, somebody made a game for you Trover saves the universe yeah I got nothing else. Seriously you know what kind of humor you get out of Rick and Morty..

Then you get the repeat of the Pirate trailer for  Kingdom Hearts 3 looks good but now that Microsoft showed the Frozen Trailer and Square dropped this trailer earlier in the day. Okay Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming finally. Sora does get points for singing a Pirates life for me, ijs.

Kojima is trolling us again with Death Stranding it was a damn walking simulator until it wasn’t. And if it wasn’t a walking simulator it was super luggage man, watch the trailer. No I don’t know why we had to see the baby’s bald ass or head but hey we at LEAST get a thumbs up and then Kojimaed.. Yes, that is a verb. Type it in Youtube I guarantee you that you get a bunch of videos.

Next was a Quick teaser for Nioh 2 which looks crazy but supposedly everyone loves Nioh so ENJOY. I mean not really much to say you see what you see. I guess dude is gonna come back somehow.

and FINALLY a game I am looking forward to Spider-man you got to see some gameplay as well as some classic Spidey villains. I like all the updated costumes they look like a mix between the classics and the ultimate universe so good job Insomniac, as usual web head bites off more than he can chew. All it needs is Stan the Man in narration.

I wasn’t too fond of this conference, it bogged down in WAY too many places. No release dates(save Spider-man), and not a lot of games I really want to play then again I am a multiplayer fan. But 20 minutes of dead air C’mon Son. Games did look good when they finally got around to showing them but DAMN so few, so far between and so much time wasted. Trevor was the only ACTUAL piece of bubble gum, they did throw some cartoons on-screen but didn’t relate to any games so I ain gonna take points off for that.


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