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Square Enix E3 2018, Short sweet and to the point

Square Enix has one of the most STORIED histories in gaming, most will say it revolves around one Game(Final Fantasy, ESPECIALLY 7) which is hard to argue with because even with Kingdom Hearts it is just Final Fantasy with Disney Characters added in. Storied history none the less, they have added other games to their repertoire the remake of Tomb Raider, Monster Hunter, Just Cause and Dragon Quest.

But Honestly most people really only care about FF and KH, sad I know it doesn’t help that Square has promised us a REMAKE of Final Fantasy VII, yes the RPG Opus that changed the entire world.

First on stage was another trailer for Shadow of The Tomb Raider this time showing a DIFFERENT scene from I guess early in the game. Next was some more gameplay which showed you more of the mechanics and some of the new stealth features. Game looks good one of these days I will pick up the original and try it out.

Even though I haven’t logged a single hour in  Final Fantasy Online XIV, as FFXI was my first MMORPG it does hold a special place in my heart so I am happy to see it get another expansion: Stormblood and something called an under the moonlight Patch. Okay No clue, I see that it is still going strong I remember the first MMORPG went strong for a good 10+ years so we shall see how much longer FFXIV hangs on.

Out of nowhere Monster Hunter world Some sort of crossover event between Xiv and Monster hunter world is announced so, I guess You’Re Welcome? yeah they do weird shit like that sometime.

Another The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit trailer so Life is Strange, if you enjoy that universe have at thee.

I have never gotten into Dragon Quest games but DragonQuest XI looks pretty I will say that, also looks like it has a decent story. This game is of course right in squares wheel house it’s what they cut their teeth on so it SHOULD be pretty good.


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