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Square Enix E3 2018, Short sweet and to the point

I ORIGINALLY thought that Babylon’s Fall was some type of SOULS game, it starred a bunch of medieval lore style characters, claimed everybody was dead. You know what watch the trailer I am going to probably skip this game I really ain sure WHAT I was watching. WEIRD

It’s their game so of course Square showed off Nier:Automata be as Gods edition again, Pretty looking game, supposedly 1X enhanced, we shall see how well it sells on the Shooter Multiplayer box.

Then came ANOTHER weird one Octopath Traveler for the Switch. It looks like an old school turn based RPG, kind of in an almost faded 2D style as if it is hand drawn on a brown paperbag. DEFINITELY a stylistic approach, also it traded out some of the TRADITIONAL RPG classes for things like Dancer, Apothecary, Mercenary I’m sure they still do the same jobs as the mages and distance fighters they replace but hey I don’t own a Switch so that ain MY problem lol.

No for SOME odd strange reason their Just Cause 4 trailer started out looking weird, I don’t know if somebody started the wrong trailer or what. It almost looked like Story Board art or daily cinematics. I mean I saw it yesterday at Xbox’s conference but still, freaky.

Honesty The Quiet Man has me scratching my head, like when did they sign up for an asswhipping? Even on the rewatch, I get it Mans can’t hear but does that mean anybody who catch has to catch these hands? Can I get a little more info as to why said Vato had to catch a Batman V Supermanesque faceplant into the pavement? I understand we should never underestimate the power of the handicapped but my lawd, that was (at least with all we saw now) a VICIOUS and unnecessary preemptive strike.

FInally Kingdom Hearts has come BACK to CONSOLES, with the addition of being on the Xbox one Kingdom Hearts 3 dropped a completely different trailer taking you into Tim Burton’s Pirates of the Caribbean universe. Yes you still see Frozen, and Tangled but they also added a scene from Monsters Ink as well. I mean this game does look fun and it was a big World Premiere on Xbox’s stage yesterday because that is USUALLY a Sony thing.

Like I said Square Enix was short and sweet only ABOUT a half an hour of reveals(in the video I could find) but hey they got their info out there, their games looked great, and better to stick to the important stuff than to do what ANOTHER conference I watched did. I will get to them later though.


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