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Ubisoft E3 2018, or Am I tripping Balls or is that a Panda Drum Major?

Welp I think Ubisoft was letting us know their love for cosplayers and costumes cause the way it started out with a Guy in a Panda Suit, a marching band, and a bunch of Cosplayers(or at least people in costumes) I never know what to think about Ubisoft and how they start shit off, it is always weird as shit. No seriously, every time ubisoft starts off a conference it’s like “Why the fuck do we give you money? Don’t be crazy show us games……”

That was all the wind up to Just Dance 2019? Really Bitch, that is what you do with the money we give you? Stuffed Pandas, Cosplay, Marching Bands, Dance numbers, I swear you really need to drink before watching a Ubisoft conference because they be on that BULLSHIT. No I am not playing that damn conference started like a damn acid trip ANYWAY since they started this shit off being extra TO THE GAMES

As that WASN’T a trailer I don’t know what that kick off means in Just Dance 2019 but hey here’s your dance game, do what you do. hey If you are a workout head, or a kid who loves these games I blame you for this.

Next was a game I always here people begging for beyond good and evil 2, so I guess THIS is the year of game developers hearing you so YAY 2018. Ubisoft also showed off some pre alpha gameplay. Game looks good but I never did play the first one, so I need to check it out. I mean it looks like some kind of Weird Dragonball Z universe Space Piracy game, how did I miss this shit? *shrug*

Joseph Goron Levits then hit the stage to talk about his hitrecord project which will somehow be projecting artwork into BGE 2. Go to his website to check out the details, which of course will be in the video.

We now got the human interest piece of the show as they told us about a rainbow six seige pro league documentary following a team as they attempt to climb the road to victory. I have siege, I have played siege, it’s fun, no I ain watching. I like eSports it allows me to see some games being played BEFORE I fork over my hard-earned cash, but a documentary about an eSports team? Nah that is a little much, I barely care about the back story of the guys in the Madden Tournaments and I love seeing guys play madden and hearing the trash talk.

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