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Ubisoft E3 2018, or Am I tripping Balls or is that a Panda Drum Major?

There is a sequel to the stunt racing craze from a few years ago called Trials Rising, I mean I own it on both systems never really took time to play it. But if you like it, here’s more crazy. They also talked about a training video community for those who are just getting into trials games.

Here came a game that is going to have a HUGE life to get the fans to trust it The Division 2. Now the Opening Cinematic was beautiful, but so were the opening Cinematics for The Division, they also dropped some gameplay of course LAST pre launch E3 gameplay ALSO looked pretty. The problem is the game they showed IS NOT the game we got, now I haven’t played The Division on my X yet(only so many hours in a day and I have a job) but I don’t think it looks anywhere near it’s E3 level of polish PLUS they still don’t have the Mobile Drone that a friend can help you out with from their phone or tablet.

Another musical number to announce Mario + Rabbids Kingom battle Donkey Kong Adventure DLC, I decided to show you JUST how extra they were.I mean it looks like a fun game if you own a switch, not unlike Donkey Kong country of old. And the rabbids to add a special type of QUIRK to the gameplay. So if you own a switch get your Kong on

This is a game Eikichi is really looking forward to Skull & Bones. It comes at you with a REAL heart pounding flair, plus unlike Sea of Thieves from rare Ship Customization CAN give you an advantage. You can change your Ship, Figurehead, Cannons, and Artillery. You can also change the Helm and ships wheel as this gameplay will show. The presentation ended with a 2019 release target.

Next Elijah Wood stepped on stage to tell us about Transference VR his new game made in collaboration with Ubisoft that is releasing fall 2018. As best I can tell it is a type of psychological thriller where you are trying to escape the mind of some twisted bastard. I think it is your dad but it was kind of hard to follow, so you should PROBABLY expect some jump scares.


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