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Ubisoft E3 2018, or Am I tripping Balls or is that a Panda Drum Major?

You know with this Ubisoft conference needed MORE MIYAMOTO, and the introduction of  Starlink Battle for Atlas with gameplay including a Switch exclusive  Starfox I mean it’s a full multiplat but hey it’s a chance to fly as Fox in space, even I owned an Snes back in the day.

In a surprising move(at least if all the news I heard about this game was true) we were shown For Honor Expansion Marching Fire and this trailer looks awesome and the new heroes really kicked ass. They are also trying to up the ante with introduction of a 4 on 4 Breach Mode a sort of fast paced castle siege mode. This game always looked pretty the problem of course was Game Balance and player Progression. They put more money into it so I guess their community rebounded which is a good thing, it looked like an interesting game and innovation reinvigorates gaming.

The Crew 2 Open Beta  is launching june 21st, and beta  preload is now available. I didn’t too much get into the first crew game, and with what I saw of the game last year it looks similar to a GTA clone, I could be wrong not my style of game. But hey, a free open beta, WITH a preload how can you go wrong?

And finally Assassins Creed Odyssey and no Odyssey isn’t just there for shock value, it really is in Ancient Greece. You play a young Spartan with the ability to choose your character gender and play as that character for the ENTIRETY of the game. You also get the spear of Leonidas, Yes 300 Leonidas King of the Spartans your Ancestor which has mystical properties. This is an amazing looking trailer, they talked about how your choices will change the world, as well as showed you interacting with historical figures. Then the gameplay I have only TRIED one Assassins Creed game I think it was Unity I borrowed it at a bad time, Origins and now Odyssey really make me want to get into the AC universe. We found out that on October 5th it will  launch oh and you MIGHT fight the Minotaur.

All in all it was actually a pretty damn good conference for Ubisoft even if once again it started off like an Acid Trip(what is with them, I swear).


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