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I’m curious, is The Hangover to some new classic?

Every once in a while I look through my stats and the most looked at post is the review for “the Hangover 2”, now it may be the provocative title “it’s called Bangkok not Bangcunt Honey” which is a hilarious one liner from the movie. I forget the character’s name but he’s the ACTOR who is playing a Dentist(not the Dentist Turned actor) who finds out he enjoyed ALL that Thailand had to offer in evening fun.

Sometimes when I do a review if a line sticks out to me or a description I use it as the title. Since “the Hangover” is a series of movies dealing with the aftermath of having too much fun with your friends during a night out. All fiction supposedly but extremely hilarious, plus you get Mike Tyson punching somebody. Now why did I post the movie review here, since normally I do them on blogger/blogspot? The name of the blog, seriously Bangcunt non starter on a pg-13 average blog(I’m human so I’m sure I slip). And I wanted to be able to fully delve into the sophomoric humor used in the movie.

The last few years have seen a reduction in movie reviews. Not because I’ve stopped going to the movies, I average damn near a movie a month. It’s usually just that AFTER I see a movie either the spirit doesn’t move me to review it or time constraints keep me from starting. The process on how I review movies is to talk about the trailers I saw first, wait 2 days and then speak about what stuck out to me about a movie good or bad. I believe there is an epic rant here on WordPress about the trash that is Batman v Superman. I saw the fantastisuck. Don’t think I reviewed that, that dumpster fire defies words. I wasnt blogging when the Last Airbender came out(I don’t think) that or I was protesting. Cause seriously, did you watch that dumpster fire? And to make matters worse, he promised his kids he didn’t bring: kerosene, a blowtorch, their hopes and dreams, and a GIANT ASS DUMPSTER to light on fire. Seriously how do you mess up a kids movie, with martial arts, giant monsters AND super powers? It pretty much writes itself AND it’s hundreds of millions of dollars of box office sales.

Anyway, like most people who create some sort of content you always wonder WHAT that you do will catch people’s attention, what will draw them back? Okay for me there is the added what will get a comment or two. I mean yeah I can have an acid tongue and if you come sideways or are just trolling SPAM BLOCKEKEKEEEEEEEEEER(say it like Killer Instints Combo Breaker), is it the provocative title, is it the movie itself, were you searching for lady boys and saw this line(which if so I apologize this was not link-fishing, it is just a hilariously catchy zinger). Anyway didn’t really have a plan for this it’s one of those “things that make you go hmmmm” moments. Hope you are having a GREAT 2019 so far if not, I hope it gets better

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  1. good to see you posting here

    01/25/2019 at 12:21 PM

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