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Hey what do you know, little to no spam

Yes, it has been another writing hiatus. No I don’t know why. I just get like that sometimes and NO it isn’t tied to my beloved eagles hovering around the .500 mark. As one of my favorite Christmas presents says Philadelphia WORLD Champions. I don’t care we still the champs. If I get in a rut I get in a rut, time constraints, ideas flittering out, and the craziness that is the world in 2018 really didn’t inspire much key tapping. I mainly came over here to look for spam and I didn’t really see any. So hey thanks all for not junking up my blog


Enjoy your holidays and I don’t know what I will do between now in the new year besides game. If you want to see me stream (on my Xbox, haven’t bought Spider-man yet so the PS4 is DUUUS TAAAAAAAAY) Twitch and Mixer. I have added a few more videos to my YouTube channel but nowhere near enough, I need to be more diligent about going back and capturing footage if I recorded or bookmarked it. And I also need to start recording Battlefield footage(which I have yet to do) the other nights stream especially) to all Christmas newbs it ain personal, we ALL have to take our licks when we start out in the game. Don’t rage get better and get us back. As you can see I am getting a LITTLE BETTER at adding in some of my internal links. SOME not all.


Things will be a little busier over here

I am trying to set up the 500th post for my Blogspot  I want it to be something spectacular(IE I am really about to be fucking stalled), so of course I can’t post anything else there until I get done. MY current plan is to maybe discuss the journey it took to get there(since it is 500 over there not here. I think we are still sub buck forty but we are getting close), maybe revisit my first post on blogger/blogspot, check and see what my hundredth and 250th posts looked like and how I have evolved as a writer over that time. Not to say that it was some fabulous journey I think most who read my writing will say that it is conversational and relaxed. The FEW TIMES that I have tried to do something in a more rigid fashion I always seem to mosey back to sitting right next to you and just sharing if not a few laughs a few anecdotes.

I think as a writer that is who I am and who I will always be. I find tips and tricks here to add some pop to what I am writing, sometimes there is floating text, a little inside joke if you will(not in this post yet, I promise), I finally got the pagination code that you see me use here a lot(I am not perfect with it yet. I actually haven’t used it as often as I would like to), it is completely different on here it is <!– —nextpage– > (remove the spaces of course) while you are in HTML mode(for my fellow wordpressers who are afraid that they are creating a wall of text and wish to break it into bite size pages). I will relook up (more…)

I think it’s time we stop saying Spider-man Homecoming flopped

And by we I mean of course the people who near the middle of July after the movie had only been out two weeks tried to pretend that Homecoming would not have legs due to an upcoming crowded field. And yet, just like Guardians Vol. 2 and Wonder Woman, in its second month of Release it has hit 300 million plus. Which would be more than BOTH of the Amazing Spider-man movies that Sony released on its own(neither made more than 265 million) were able to scare up. Now no it has not yet  caught up to the ORIGINAL Spider-man run with Maguire and Raimi but it also cost less than all of them to make.

I get it though, as usual people wanted to run out in front. It premiered better than the last two movies(at 117 million. Which Killed ASM by almost its full opening night, and had ASM2 but 20 million) but as it was a packed month with a few other movies coming up in August people wanted to spell doom and gloom. But this movie was going to make 300 million. and 330 to 350 million isn’t completely out of the realm of possibilities either. Did it slow down, yes is there as much competition now as there was saaaaay at the end of July? No. Quite a few movies have come out, either not done as well as expected or else tailed off just as quickly and when you think of movies you want to see again Spider-man stuck close enough to the source material that I can see folks wanting to check out subtle clues they missed. It’s been over a month, yes my review is way late but to put it simply, Marvel Studios threw a “fuck Peter Parker, Cause Stan Lee says so” in there. It was so meta and awesome, because honestly though he is there most famous character, he is also their most famously FUCKED character.  (more…)

Obviously one does not just Dare Arby’s

Dear Arby’s

The Fuck Is THIS! No, no this is a valid question to ask. I mean we ain even gone get to the fact that they have the words NUTRITIONAL and INFORMATION at the bottom of this picture no no, that is to be tabled to a later discussion. I asked, and the Lady behind the counter said, “the sandwich has EVERY MEAT WE SERVE on it.” Not that I was thinking of ordering it, my affairs aren’t in order, and I personally don’t want to die 5 minutes after eating it nor do I feel like eating salad for the next 6 weeks to get all of that meat out of my body. I mean let’s look at this ignorant shit you have:

  1. Pepper Bacon(of course it starts with bacon, all cakes must be iced)
  2. Roast Beef(cause it’s Arby’s it’s their thing)
  3. Cheddar Cheese
  4. Angus Beef(cause they want this to be a good and flavorful death)
  5. Smoked Brisket
  6. Pit Smoked Ham(I think they believe smoke is a food group
  7. Swiss Cheese(technically at this point we are at Dagwood Level)
  8. Roast Turkey(cause yes both Turkey AND BEEF can be roasted
  9. Chicken Tenders(because if the only thing fried/greasy on this sandwich was bacon they FAILED as sandwich creators *shrug*)
  10. A Star Cut Bun(to solidify locking your bowels up)

This sandwich is served with a BACKHAND from your cardiologist. Your nutritionist will judge you for 6 months after eating this sandwich. This Sandwich looks like they were dared to put a Subway footlong on a Kaiser/Burger Roll. This sandwich looks like Punishment for coming in last at the strongman competition, “there is not enough meat in your system, we must add more meat to make your stronger!” This sandwich looks like it comes with a waiver you must sign to guarantee that you were of good health before you ate the sandwich and that you death within a week of consumption is in no way Arby’s fault. (more…)

For those looking for my movie reviews

The only time I will do a movie review over here will be in the event of it being EXTREMELY raunchy ala The Hangover, or I want to curse the living hell out of it either in fun(Deadpool) or in pain(Batman v Superman: Dawn of Sucking). Any and all movie reviews can be found on Blogspot here, unless stated early in the blog I try not to put ANY spoilers in there I may speak on the first 15 minutes or so but I try to give no more about the movie than you get from the trailers that came out. I don’t have a “star method” or a “rating system” either I liked a movie or I didn’t. If there are some nit pick things about the movie I will mention them, and if they aren’t so much about THAT movie but maybe the genre the movie is in and a few tropes they or the industry over use I try to mention that. Not that use of a well worn trope is always bad(if it’s an action movie we are going to get a shit ton of explosions and we all likey), but they do deserve a mention sometimes.

Movie rants will usually be over here mainly because it takes a whole lot of effort not to drop F bombs during a rant, and going back to edit them all out nope not fun at all. Unless it’s not so much a rant as it is a critique as to why I think a movie failed, did well, or missed it’s mark whether slightly or monumentally. An observational rant is slightly easier to control. Today’s review of “Underworld Blood Wars” should be up shortly, if not by the time you read this feel free to check it out. As always the freedom allotted me on WordPress is not always needed sometimes I can say it without all the expletives. Especially since I have someplace to get it out when I need them. Not that this is a “I’m about to disappear again” blog, no just a letting you know what else I’m doing.  (more…)

Might I suggest,a trade off?

As today is Inauguration day 2017, the republicans have complete control of the white house, Senate, house, and soon the Judiciary(since you know Republicans held on to the last seat for a good 6 months with hopes of a Republican President) it looks like many of the white Christian fundamentalist dreams of ending abortion are about to come to fruition. Oh yes it has been a long and arduous battle that they have finally seen through to the end, so since Abortion is most likely about to become illegal here are a few things that I feel should become mandatory once pregnancy and birth are no longer an option but now a commandment.

I mean I am sure if you have money, connections, and a few trusted advisers you could probably jet out of the country, party, get an abortion, and come home with no one being the wiser but I am talking about for those middle-middle class, to lower middle class, and poor folks. You know the people for the whom the choice is already backbreaking to slim, slim to none. I believe that ladies should have these guarantees in place once abortion is no longer an option. (more…)

About that blog description

It was always a joke, sort of a tongue in cheek ode to “I got a head with no screws in it” 2Pac gave back in “Hail Mary.” I have a head full of random thoughts, possibilities, and questions always churning, I navigate my day not by getting my head on straight but by directing my mind in the direction of my current task and letting the current carry me there. My mouth can be running a thousand miles a minute and yet I am sitting there doing an intricate task.

This blog is like any other blog I have ever written on, random thoughts of a guy who watches a lot of movies, reads lots of comics, watches a lot of tv, plays video games for leisure, enjoys books, and sports. It also has no filters so if I want to say shit or fuck I will, I’m grown, I got two parents and they are the only people whom I attempt to watch my mouth in front of(unless it’s just one of THOSE situations). If I cuss in front of an aunt or uncle I just apologize, and cousins already know we the same level don’t start that “I’m older than you shit.” I am most likely known by now to take unscheduled hiatuses, can I explain why? Nope, thus why they are unscheduled sometimes I write, but sometimes I don’t write(yes if it has a DU rhythm too it it’s on purpose and Kudos if you know who DU is) mainly because I either ain got a device in my hand to do it with or I get busy and forget what I wanted to write.

I’m not one for outlines, because I never really know WHERE I am headed with a thought until it’s finished. Sometimes it makes for a great story, always makes for a million spelling mistakes/typos, and is hell when it is time to edit(because how do you keep from doing a full rewrite). I figure it’s been a few years and damn near 100 posts maybe I should address something I wrote in jest before people think I just don’t care. I do, you don’t get to damn near 100 posts without giving a damn but you also can’t take everything so seriously. This is my fun zone, my kick back, have a shot, rant about some asshole camping in a CoD or Battlefield game(though I didn’t play hardline or Battlefield one), and wax poetically about everything from a fantasy on getting some ass to cursing out movie directors who I feel have wasted film on a fever dream that they called a movie. This is me in all of my random ass glory. If you’ve stopped by, thanks. Leave a comment some time, take a poll, introduce yourself. As always look around there’s quite a bit to see here and there will be more to come.

Digital vs Disc: My thoughts on the new gaming trend

It’s been well over a year since I’ve owned my Xbox One, and with it was my first fully digital NEW game. I’ve had a PS4 going on 2 years now and while I have digitally downloaded OLD free games, I didn’t have a game that was fully digital, that I paid my hard-earned money for, that I couldn’t flip over in my hand. It took a little getting used to, especially since I bought that Xbox a week before the damn game came out, and of course the game was LOADED on the Xbox but you couldn’t play it(BIIIIIIIITCH), nope not until midnight of release day. So if we are scoring it that is a slight knock on digital games, the fact that the game is there but you can’t play it feels like a taunt, what I’m a gamer if it says I have it let me play it.

The games play similarly and due to a hiccup with my Xbox late last year I got the answer to the question: “Well what happens if I have to reset my xbox, all my games, all my game saves will they just be eaten?” The answer to that question is no, not if you are connected to the internet and the cloud. Make sure you update your Xbox regularly, make sure you have it connected to the cloud(if you have an external storage device USE THAT SHIT) and once it gets done reloading the software and getting things right it will download all your games, game saves, and information and while it was reset it won’t be a new new xbox, it will just be your xbox not fucking up. So for that scary question(which was one of my main obstacles to buying digital games before, like I can get over losing a save but the whole damn game? Nah son) they definitely set things up to NOT have people throwing their gaming systems out 2 story windows.  (more…)

Quick Tips – Naming Your Characters

Trouble Naming Your Characters? Don’t Despair! Here are some hints: The name should fit the character – I doubt Bruce Wayne (Batman) would have sounded better as Eugene Rawlings. But t…

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