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I know I missed the last 3 conferences last week(6/21/2017) Throwback Thursday

Somehow I forgot to finish this one, I don’t even know where I planned to end it. I got into a whole spiel about how cool it is with the new developments in flash/portable memory and zoned out somewhere down there but what do you know, it’s thursday and even though it is late afternoon why not make this 2 month old Gem TODAY’S THROW BACK THURSDAY POOOOOOOST(say it like Powdered toast man in your mind). It is what it is, I still haven’t finished watching the rest of the E3’s either smh



I will work on talking about them later. I hear that Nintendo ACTUALLY gave us a real conference this year instead of “All Zelda all the time” like we are even getting a NEW Metroid game, which I mean I ain mad about. But where are the complaints at Nintendo about New IP that we always hear about Microsoft. I also hear that there is a new game coming out called Skull and bones, I will check both of them out and talk about them. Busy week, lots of crazy and SOME of last weeks conferences were kind of draining(yes you Sony). Don’t worry I am not gonna harp on them again, because it’s not like Bathesda didn’t just wave it’s dick in everyones face by giving us MOSTLY VR versions of their more popular games, PLUS a Zelda added into Skyrim, that they are sending to the Nintendo Switch because hey Milk the FUCK out that cow right.

We may also talk about resolutions and frame rates. I think a lot of people are forgetting one very important thing: This is the video game industry not unlike the movie industry it doesn’t matter what equipment you have at home it matters what the CREATOR of the media you are about to play on said equipment is either comfortable working in, or else has the equipment to create for. Remember when we first started getting the new Ultra HD movies, remember how many studios actually had those Cameras. Yes the big boys: Lucas, Spielberg, Abrahms, and probably Micheal Bay what about every one else? If they still have their high quality mostly analog rigs? I mean yes they COULD spend that money right now to upgrade but especially if they are GUARANTEED that everybody who is gonna see their movie is gonna to head to a theater with a digital projector and as we know the all digital recording process is less forgiving why take the risk? (more…)


Throwback Thursday(Non Traditional)

Usually for throwback thursday I dig up an old post I was working on, find the last date it was edited, add it to the title and viola throwback thursday post. Unfortunately I have been finishing posts up(for the most part). So this week I am going to grab a post from “Primal’s Ponderings” now I WAS going to grab one of my more popular posts from there and say tada, with a little bit of extra put in for flourish over here on the press. But instead I think I am going to revisit one of my “movies I want to see made posts” in honor of one of them coming out this year. So here it is

Justice League

This is actually a 2 parter, since this is BEFORE I learned a decent pagination technique for blogger. And trust me it could have been a few pages long I just went into the basics of the “core 6” so to speak: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, and The Flash. Now sometimes Green Arrow is on this list, some may wish to add Red Tornado or one of the Hawks. I also think that as they tend to be a “catch all” you could go the Justice League Unlimited route and just add everybody switching up pieces as needed. This is of course about the Movies, not the cartoons though and even the live action TV shows because we have had them do both the All Male Justice League on Smallville and they APPEAR to be assembling the Junior Justice League AKA Young Justice on The CW’s current run of TV shows. (more…)

Why clickbait is ruining Sports Media and Sports Commentary(1/2/17)

While cruising through facebook on New Years day I noticed a link to an article on the SUPPOSEDLY all time great starting 5’s for all of the 28 teams in the league and then those starting 5’s ranked from 28 to 1. I almost clicked on the article until I noticed how low the Milwaukee bucks were on the list, and then the New Orleans Pelicans and I realized that this article was just clickbait. And as I read the commentary I realized why, the angle of this article was to hamstring certain teams and bolster others(teams that honestly didn’t need it) by adding foolish guidelines for what counted as your “team” that you could qualify as an All Time Great for. I also realized that the writer was either a Lakers FAN or else envious of the LA glam, because two of the players in the picture for the article were Shaquille O’neal and Kareem Abdul Jabar. Both of whom have careers of greatness that span quite a few NBA franchises(AND they play the same damn position so um, what you kicking Shaq to power forward or Kareem). This also reminded me of an article I read before the Warriors played the Grizzlies, and the CLUELESS key match up that was put into the article: Tony Allen vs Steph Curry.


Do you know why Steph always buys Klay Thompson dinner after they play the Grizzlies? It’s because Klay Thompson gets swallowed up by Tony Allen, like if you go and watch the Warriors Championship season, Tony Allen was SO in Klay Thompson’s head it took him a WHOLE HALF and 3 minutes to believe Tony Allen wasn’t coming to guard him in game 4, to this day I think if Dave Joerger would have just had Tony dress and walk to the scorers table a few times and pretend that he was going to enter the game he could have kept Klay shell shocked for the entire game. And hell this year before David Fizzdale decided to raise Jamychal Greens stock by having him guard Kevin Durant Klay Thompson probably thought for ONCE when playing the Grizzlies he was gonna catch a break. Because if anybody has more nightmares of Tony Allen than Klay Thompson it has to be Kevin Durant, whom had the most relaxed smile on his face that game. Because he was playing against the Memphis Grizzlies and while Jamychal Green did play him well, it was no where near the harassing defense of Tony Allen, so much so that KD had 21 points, while Klay Thompson had 8, yes both were underneath their averages but Klay was like a whole 10 points under(which honestly is normal if you are facing Tony Allen). The thing was, it showed that whoever read the article either A) never watched basketball, B) hadn’t watched any of the Grizzlies games in the last 4 seasons, or C) hadn’t taken the time to HIT YOUTUBE to see if in previous games Tony Allen had guarded any of those players in the past. Like dude, 5 minutes tops. Tony Allen vs Steph Curry maybe one or two vids, Tony Allen shuts off Klay Thompson’s water 375. Tony Allen confounds Kevin Durant 600



This was a post I started a few weeks ago. I know it’s a rant about sports media/media in general and I may revisit it in the future but I have no desire to get back into this right now. A lack of research in media as of late is extremely annoying, seriously it’s almost like people say shit more to piss you off and prove them wrong(thus blow up their comments section and show that people are reading) then they do to inform you and give you actual valid insight. Now This was not an attempt to tell people not to be provocative, but damn but provocative in an honest manner. Just saying shit out of your ass hoping to piss people off when you can easily be proven wrong isn’t cool it’s lazy. You want to argue who’s better at something don’t just pick some Dark Horse who nobody cares about except for like 5 guys in a fan club who ALWAYS bring their name up(Barber Shop scene in Coming to America, Rocky Marciano, Rocky Marcianoo). Anyway I will probably post something else as well but another look into my random thought process

At the end of “Summer Movie Season,” what have we learned(9/04/2016)

There have been quite a few BIG movie releases this year, many of whom TANKED horribly. The ones who did not can tell us a lot about what viewers were interested in, that is if we are honest about it. I read an article a few weeks ago that wasn’t honest, it didn’t equate the “subject matter” with why movies did or didn’t do well, rather it only judged how much the movies were made for and THEN how much hype the studios tried to raise around them. Let’s look at the movies this year that made money:

Deadpool on a  budget of $58 million it made $363M. For all intents and purposes Tim Miller’s romp into the world of the Merc with the Mouth is the undisputed winner. I see some heads about to pop, budget versus how much made he’s got 305 million sitting to the side NOT counting DVD sales. While there were SOME flaws in Deadpool, most of them were due to the fact that Deadpool is tied to The X-men so it couldn’t be the rampant cameo fest that Marvel and Deadpool in particular are known for. Fox owns the movie rights to Deadpool, was really restrictive with how they lorded over those rights(and even though YES that IS A HELICARRIER in the final fight scene), and has been kid of strict with how they allow the projects to go due to SOMEBODY leaking Deadpool test footage, they threw Tim Miller the smallest budget they could to make a movie to shut the fans up.


The Ultimate Shell Game:The Flash mystery of the Mask(5/15/16)

If you happen to be a fan of the CW’s The Flash live action show you know that season two has one giant mystery: Who is under the mask that is being held by Xoom on Earth 2. Now most of us agree that it is Jay Garrick, the thing is what we haven’t asked is WHO is Jay Garrick. And I’m starting to think it isn’t actor Teddy Sears, mainly because he has admitted to being Hunter Zolomon, and everything he points to say Hunter Zolomon on top of a bombshell that was dropped last week. And due to this Bombshell I think the CW is going to do the awesomely impossible:They are going to put John Wesley Shipp back in a flash costume.

Wait what? Hold on am I crazy, JWS used to be the Flash but come on how could they put him back in the suit. I actually have a few theories on that: (more…)

Quick Tips – Naming Your Characters

Trouble Naming Your Characters? Don’t Despair! Here are some hints: The name should fit the character – I doubt Bruce Wayne (Batman) would have sounded better as Eugene Rawlings. But t…

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