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Hidey Ho, Primal the blogger here

I got a moose in the next room(My nephew) and I am waiting for my pre-order to come through. Yes I pre ordered Injustice 2, the first one was extremely fun and while I waited til it was long in the tooth to buy it I had a blast playing it way on the PS4. I got I2 for the X-bone though. The only annoying thing, I misread WHEN it would be available, I saw 11 o’clock I thought they meant eastern time. No, Primal they meant in your Time Zone because it’s available at midnight.

So guess who just tried to play Injustice 2 54 minutes early? Yes I know most likely by the time I finish this blog, edit it, mark it up and yadda yadda it will probably be midnight, but that doesn’t change the fact that I was rushing, a game, that I already paid for, because I am an impatient ass.(Eikichi is somewhere laughing hysterically in agreement right now, so fuck him in advance). (more…)


It’s only rage quitting if they have a pulse

Since Donkey Kong there have been complaints about games being cheesy as fuck, I’m talking the new Chester Cheetah animation with the full Fu Manchu and the “fuck all yall you love me cause it’s cheetos attitude” cheesy. And honestly I ain here for it, I will start back from my last save point, restart the match, or go to menu in a heart beat I don’t give two shits about my current progress. I’m about to lose anyway, I’ll play a person out people make mistakes and allow you back into it. A first person shooter: Dick wad could go for the coup de gras without making sure he is in position for it. Nothing like catching an asshole with a head shot just when he was about to kill you or a team-mate. Shit Lopsided matches: fuck it I still get exp. In fighting games, hey you never know when you will get that opening and just go on a huge combo string that ends in an awesome finisher. Back in the day Killer Instinct was notorious for that, the lord of the molten queso was Cinder if you caught the person at the right part of the screen his flip kick could keep them suspended for damn near ever. You could get an ultra combo in the first round, and then a just under 100 hit ultra combo to end the match(unless there was a board with an edge they could fall off of, then once you walked them to the edge “bye bitch”). Street Fighter you could either fireball them to death or else catch them with one of the grab kings or queens(looks like Mika and Alex share that title this time, Zangief is still there but they look to be GRIP MASTERS).

And let’s not forget Mortal Kombat with either Smoke or Scorpion they would grab you, zip behind you for the upcut and grab you again, straight Limburger but again that is against HUMAN OPPONENTS. The machine somehow always has their BLOCK/COMBO BREAKER/IMPROBABLY GRAB at the muffukin ready. Especially if it’s a fucking boss fight whooooo. Oh how could I forget DoA, that fucking boos, man out of know where the super grab to unstoppable combo on that ass, you’d swear it just snuck up behind you took your clothes, lunch money, and first child all when you had the health bar at a mere sliver and your “muahahaha I am the lord of ….” speech at the ready, all about to do the big dick/clit dance on em. Tea Bags and Snail Trails all around, why because you “woooooo….. whoa WTF NO, NOOOOOO, you sloppy cunt” (more…)