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Was going to write on the DEBACLE that is the new NFL Anthem policy here

But after I got a good head of steam going, I realized I didn’t need to curse to say what I was thinking(So I moved it to Blogger), and it’s pronounced Deb Ah Cul, because if the word means DISASTER why are we pronouncing it correctly. I think the word should live up to it’s name. Personally, I think they are IDIOTS seriously you are going to give people who do NOTHING but train and hit up Social Media alone time for the protests that can be cued up for while the game is happening. Yeah BRILLIANT.

This reactionary ass move is on some “Who’s that peepin in my Window” type shit. It’s too damn late, folks already in the window if you AIN close the shades they den seen it all. If you shades are closed well, you got a chance. It’s like they have let a certain idiot get their minds all gassed up and they pockets all fucked up. NOT that I am going to stop watching, I will say that now(though the new kick off rule is making me wonder how much longer it will be a viable product) but I can see how the strains of the new landscape are STARTING to tear at it’s seems. If we thought “Reality TV” was bad, Reality Social Media is the Case Cracker.  Read the rest of this page »


In the middle of ANOTHER writing slump

No real reason for it. I get home, open up my laptop, turn on my gaming system, and Don’t feel like writing. What have I been up to? Gaming, I watched the Entire Run of Black Lightning on the WB. It was a good show, I think they Rushed the Appearances of Thunder and Lightning but if you trying to make this a SUPER HERO Family before you introduce it to the rest of the Arrowverse it kind of makes sense. I’ve been playing lots of games, Call of Duty got me again. I played Infinite Warfare but didn’t get enthralled with it, Then I bought WWII and that was stupid. I hate old school guns, not enough bullets, not as accurate. and yes CoD will probably get me again with Black Ops 4, BUT this is MULTIPLAYER ONLY and it’s a Prequel to blackops 3 so I will probably like it(Since I liked the LAST Black Ops). What we liked about Call of Duty was the pacing and the action, what we could do WITHOUT was all the wall running and shit.

My CURRENt Gaming rotation is Forza Motorsport 7, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and after I do my CoD log in for the night, USUALLY Sea of Thieves. Sea of Thieves Read the rest of this page »

Merry Christmas

Soooo, it’s been a while. I haven’t dusted off my keyboard to type much over the last few months. Been buys with work, watching football, playing games. I have plenty of games I can review, I may get around to that I just really go from work to gaming and watching sports. Well football, the basketball teams I follow are playing like shit right now. I think for my hometown team they have the talent now they just need the playing time together. For the local team I think they have been rushing way too many changes as of late, fired the coach, let some of the mainstay players leave in free agency, and of course getting hit with the injury bug(which happens to all teams) so this season is apparently already in the tank. Like they have lost so many games I think I’m in a time warp, this team had made the playoffs how many seasons in a row?

Other than that just gaming, I have seen a few movies lately. Yes I watched Justice League, no it wasn’t rant worthy. I could see where ONE director left off and the other had to improve the story. I also see that Director one still has no clue who half of the characters he is using are, which makes for a lousy movie. I am only for directorial vision if the directors vision includes understanding the characters he or she is putting forth. Wonder Woman, awesome the director got it the whole way. Justice League ummmm you can’t just throw people on-screen when you ignore their origin stories and then NOT give us origin stories…. This time though it was at least a cohesive story, even if there were a million plot holes caused by what happened in B v S. Thor was hilarious, saw the Last Jedi too I liked it. I felt  it was an interesting new direction but I can see where people are mildly pissed at it.

Nothing really serious to say, just Merry Christmas, I hope all are enjoying time with their family and friends. Now back to gaming…

Today was an “awesome” day(4/26/17) Throwback Thursday

Yes, I put awesome in air quotes. It’s not that the day was completely terrible nor was it completely great it was all over the place. The start was crazy, I overslept. Then it turned to the weird, then it got back on the good foot and now I am in geek heaven.

My nephew was here over the weekend(plus Monday) and his relationship with sleep was like a coin flip 2 days he slept, 2 days you could swear he was the spokesman for no doz. You put a movie on to get him to sleep(usually Dory, or Dooor Weee) and he laughs, giggles, rolls around, and pounces on you through the whole thing. “Wait, you trying to get him to sleep why were you there for him to pounce on?” Because he kept acting like he wanted somebody to lay there at the foot of the bed so he could sleep in a new room(made up a guest room for him, decked out in yup you guessed it Dory and Nemo). He would walk up to my door, open it, look in, play around in the bathroom water. So if you lay at the foot of the bed he was more inclined to stay in it(not to sleep just stay in the room). Now 2 nights he was up past 2 am, why because he felt like it. 2 nights he went to bed between 10 and 11:30 pm. Dealers choice, granted the dealer ALSO stopped up my bathroom sink but hey shit was fun Unc why you hating. Read the rest of this page »

Stuck in a rut, maybe you have let those rules tie down your creativity

Okay maybe not actually throw them out but a lot of people seem to miss the point of creative writing. They turn it into a competition, with charts and graphs as if it’s Mathematical all of which is (at least for me) bad for creativity. Creative writing is about creativity, imagination and storytelling. It’s about […]

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Getting ready to watch Microsoft at GamesCom

As you all know back to school is rolling out, what you may not know is that this is about to be the home stretch for many industries. Back to school means the beginning of Fall, and the beginning of fall means it is time to get ready for Holiday 2017. Thats right if it is almost the end of Summer, close to the beginning of the month of September that means that we are 4 months away from Christmas. And companies have to position themselves to be THAT ITEM that all the GOOD(or passably good, hell just passing on their first report card of the year) litttle girls and boys are going to annoy the every loving fuck out of their parents for. As a former child the useless pieces of plastic that I hoped and dreamed on REALLY ramped up the advertising right about now. The new Die Cast Optimus Prime, the new Playstation, Or Nintendo, or Sega, Or Atari(I can’t say Xbox I was fully grown by the time Microsoft joined the gaming race).

If it wasn’t this system it was a game{ Joe Montana, Madden, Lakers vs Celtics, Lakers vs Bulls, Nba Live, MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAAAT!(what doesn’t everybody say it that way in their heads?), or even street fighter. As such everyone has a million and a half conferences or expos leading up to the end of summer to show off their latest and greatest. E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) was in June, Microsoft and Sony were both there, each showed off their wares, but now it is Gamescom Sony has decided to bow out AGAIN this year instead going to Paris Games Week for what reason I don’t know. Did the Gamescom folks piss in Sony’s corn flakes? *Shrug* what it does do though is give Microsoft a rare opportunity to take the stage with absolutely no rebuttal whatsoever. They can show off their newest games, give the upcoming Xbox One X center stage, as well as convince more people that 500 dollars (plus tax) needs to be sent their way. Read the rest of this page »

My thoughts on the Delay of “Crackdown 3”

For those of you who are new here, I am a gamer. Yes, just like men of old if there is a thing that I did as a young child I still do it as a much older man. And before you say “people don’t actually do that,” let me create a list of “comfort activities” people tend to do as they get older:

  • Fishing
  • Golf
  • Wood Carving
  • Panting
  • Sketching
  • Carpentry
  • Traveling
  • Reading
  • Photography
  • Nature Observing

Guess what all of those things have in common, you ask most of the people doing them they either did them when they were much younger of they WANTED to do them and did not have the resources. I am a child of the burgeoning digital age, Arcades to home consoles, to the internet, to online multiplayer in video games. Now I could have mention Lan play in video games but that was probably a niche thing and if you did it I am sure you boss might be wondering why you were using their Office Machine for recreation so we are just gonna pretend okay. Read the rest of this page »

Things will be a little busier over here

I am trying to set up the 500th post for my Blogspot  I want it to be something spectacular(IE I am really about to be fucking stalled), so of course I can’t post anything else there until I get done. MY current plan is to maybe discuss the journey it took to get there(since it is 500 over there not here. I think we are still sub buck forty but we are getting close), maybe revisit my first post on blogger/blogspot, check and see what my hundredth and 250th posts looked like and how I have evolved as a writer over that time. Not to say that it was some fabulous journey I think most who read my writing will say that it is conversational and relaxed. The FEW TIMES that I have tried to do something in a more rigid fashion I always seem to mosey back to sitting right next to you and just sharing if not a few laughs a few anecdotes.

I think as a writer that is who I am and who I will always be. I find tips and tricks here to add some pop to what I am writing, sometimes there is floating text, a little inside joke if you will(not in this post yet, I promise), I finally got the pagination code that you see me use here a lot(I am not perfect with it yet. I actually haven’t used it as often as I would like to), it is completely different on here it is <!– —nextpage– > (remove the spaces of course) while you are in HTML mode(for my fellow wordpressers who are afraid that they are creating a wall of text and wish to break it into bite size pages). I will relook up Read the rest of this page »

I think it’s time we stop saying Spider-man Homecoming flopped

And by we I mean of course the people who near the middle of July after the movie had only been out two weeks tried to pretend that Homecoming would not have legs due to an upcoming crowded field. And yet, just like Guardians Vol. 2 and Wonder Woman, in its second month of Release it has hit 300 million plus. Which would be more than BOTH of the Amazing Spider-man movies that Sony released on its own(neither made more than 265 million) were able to scare up. Now no it has not yet  caught up to the ORIGINAL Spider-man run with Maguire and Raimi but it also cost less than all of them to make.

I get it though, as usual people wanted to run out in front. It premiered better than the last two movies(at 117 million. Which Killed ASM by almost its full opening night, and had ASM2 but 20 million) but as it was a packed month with a few other movies coming up in August people wanted to spell doom and gloom. But this movie was going to make 300 million. and 330 to 350 million isn’t completely out of the realm of possibilities either. Did it slow down, yes is there as much competition now as there was saaaaay at the end of July? No. Quite a few movies have come out, either not done as well as expected or else tailed off just as quickly and when you think of movies you want to see again Spider-man stuck close enough to the source material that I can see folks wanting to check out subtle clues they missed. It’s been over a month, yes my review is way late but to put it simply, Marvel Studios threw a “fuck Peter Parker, Cause Stan Lee says so” in there. It was so meta and awesome, because honestly though he is there most famous character, he is also their most famously FUCKED character.  Read the rest of this page »

Primal, the ultimate asshole

Now let me preface tis by saying, I am no stranger to being called an asshole. Hell when it comes to videos games I am no stranger to being publicly called an asshole or shouted out as an asshole. I remember the old “glitch” or was it a feature in Killer Instinct where as Cinder you could basically double back flip someone into eternity, catch they ass with a pop up combo, and tha thump tha thump their ass until their first health bar was gone. Then catch them in a pop up combo on their final energy bar and only let them down to ultra combo that ass and THEN catch them for the extra 50 hits. Oh wait let’s not forget the famous “All you do is play rainbow 6 and watch the 40 year old virgin all day” incident. Which yes, ALL that shit was true. When he seemed enraged that I had NEVER seen the 40 year old virgin, which he though was a great movie I PREVENTED the next round from starting for 20 minutes just to make sure he and ALL OF HIS TEAM MATES knew just how big of a bitch he was for calling me out for not doing that which he actually did.

While STILL sucking at Rainbow 6, I believe it was Vegas at the time. Now TECHNICALLY I am an asshole for some shit I did last night, but let me say this while I am gaming UNLESS you are on my friends list I am NOT going to stop gaming because you just so happen to shoot me a message so that I can read it, and then respond to you in a timely fashion. We’ll get into more details after the jump Read the rest of this page »