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Let’s be honest I sucked balls covering E3 last year

I started out strong, EA was okay, Microsoft was cool and then SONY drained the ever loving shit out of me and of course Bathesda was like “hahahaha, Thanks for the MONEY” which technically they DID make all the dough with Fallout 4 but they could have showed us a little more. Welp This year is gonna be a struggle too, I DID take the day off from work but forgot to check and see when EA started so I have to go back and watch it from the beginning but I will TRY and cover E3 better this year(We shall see though).

What I have caught so far is Battlefield 5 another ancient ass war, so blah. I saw some of Fifa, I haven’t played a fifa game in fuck ever. I saw some of the Information about the NEW Star Wars game(Jedi Fallen Order) as well as the confirmation of all the stuff people have been saying was going to come out for Star Wars Battlefront 2 towards the end of the year: Dooku, Grievous, Anakin, and Obiwan. If you don’t know, I fucks shit up in space so me and Star Wars Battlefront 2 are like THIS. Things they are adding: A new Dog fight mode with the hero ships, Geonosha, A new squad mode where you can take down capital ships. This is off memory so I know I am missing stuff so on the rewatch I will get into details. (more…)


What I’m looking for at E3

As has been discussed many times before, I’m a gamer. Like most folks I played on an Atari when it came out, did some light dos gaming when that was the shit, and now I have my consoles and when I get a new desktop I may add PC gaming back into the mix(gaming on a laptop is okay but heat is not your friend. I may get a high-end gaming laptop in the future but we shall see). So every year around June comes the grand daddy of them all the Electronic Entertainment Expo(thus the E3), where companies show off their new games, tech, peripherals, and make their promises of world domination. It used to be impossible to see what was going on, it would happen you would buy a gaming magazine and then you would see what came out the month before, but oh what a time we live in. Come tomorrow at 9:30 am all I have to do is tune in to YouTube or twitch and I get to see livestreams(I think they have a u-stream as well, but I know about twitch and YouTube).

So if I’m not a lucky enough bastard to have plunked down somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 grand for the entire weeks events I can still kind of enjoy them(cause you know I do work), find out who is bringing out what, what is changing, and why I might want to fork over XYZ bucks. Last year, I was amazed by Fallout 4(and while that USUALLY isn’t my type of game I am loving it right now) and I fell for the watchdogs hype(really not my type of game), and while bloodborne is okay I gave that to my brothers. So this year now that the initial leaks have come out: Injustice 2, Watchdogs 2(no thanks fool me once), Titanfall 2, Horizon Zero Dawn new trailer(with release date), and a few that are escaping my memory. As I check youtube gaming(YouTube’s answer to twitch) I’m seeing that a bunch of gameplays got revealed and I really didn’t realize E3 started on Sunday. (more…)