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Hey what do you know, little to no spam

Yes, it has been another writing hiatus. No I don’t know why. I just get like that sometimes and NO it isn’t tied to my beloved eagles hovering around the .500 mark. As one of my favorite Christmas presents says Philadelphia WORLD Champions. I don’t care we still the champs. If I get in a rut I get in a rut, time constraints, ideas flittering out, and the craziness that is the world in 2018 really didn’t inspire much key tapping. I mainly came over here to look for spam and I didn’t really see any. So hey thanks all for not junking up my blog


Enjoy your holidays and I don’t know what I will do between now in the new year besides game. If you want to see me stream (on my Xbox, haven’t bought Spider-man yet so the PS4 is DUUUS TAAAAAAAAY) Twitch and Mixer. I have added a few more videos to my YouTube channel but nowhere near enough, I need to be more diligent about going back and capturing footage if I recorded or bookmarked it. And I also need to start recording Battlefield footage(which I have yet to do) the other nights stream especially) to all Christmas newbs it ain personal, we ALL have to take our licks when we start out in the game. Don’t rage get better and get us back. As you can see I am getting a LITTLE BETTER at adding in some of my internal links. SOME not all.

So about that last post

I thought about it, I really did. I thought about either finishing up an old story, starting a new story, finding some awesome thing to talk about to really be worthy of a hundredth post. Then I thought again, you know my first post is just a placeholder post, nothing special, nothing really in-depth or involved just a post to have something on your blog to start with, so you could see what it looked like. So I considered it, I really did. And I decided yes, just a simple place holder something to mark the occasion and just like the 2nd post on the blog let’s talk here.

I am both happy and a little ashamed. Let’s be real you’ve seen what I post either here or at the ponderings, I should have hit 100 posts years ago. But of course this is supposed to be my venting blog, which means I was either able to vent without cursing or I didn’t need to vent as much as I thought I would. Well venting and horny blog, I posted a story but that had been done, it just needed editing I just haven’t been in the right mind-set to write about sex. So going forward, I think I got up to 30 or 50 posts last year for this blog, which was pretty good. I want to write 100 posts in 2017, but if I can get up to 150 it would be even better because it would mean that while I may not be venting I am talking. Hopefully being understood or even if I am making absolutely no sense that folks feel free to say something, a critique, agreement, your own take on the subject.

Mainly because interaction is what we all thrive on isn’t it? Figuring out the waves and currents of the world around us as we bump into people with different views, ideals, and understandings. Or maybe just different upbringings but similar ideals, views and desires. My fellow gamers, fellow movie watchers, fellow comic book readers, sci-fi lovers, and bumps on this giant floating ball of water and dirt we call earth. As always thank you for coming by, thanks for reading, for those who like I appreciate it, for those who comment I enjoy talking with you.

No I’m not always nice, but I try to be fair. You can have or make your own point, doesn’t mean I have to agree with you. I believe in freedom of speech, we can all talk, we may not agree but we can agree that we have a right to our own thoughts within reason. And that reason is up to the discretion of the person we are speaking with, always has been, always will be.