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Hey what do you know, little to no spam

Yes, it has been another writing hiatus. No I don’t know why. I just get like that sometimes and NO it isn’t tied to my beloved eagles hovering around the .500 mark. As one of my favorite Christmas presents says Philadelphia WORLD Champions. I don’t care we still the champs. If I get in a rut I get in a rut, time constraints, ideas flittering out, and the craziness that is the world in 2018 really didn’t inspire much key tapping. I mainly came over here to look for spam and I didn’t really see any. So hey thanks all for not junking up my blog


Enjoy your holidays and I don’t know what I will do between now in the new year besides game. If you want to see me stream (on my Xbox, haven’t bought Spider-man yet so the PS4 is DUUUS TAAAAAAAAY) Twitch¬†and Mixer. I have added a few more videos to my YouTube channel but nowhere near enough, I need to be more diligent about going back and capturing footage if I recorded or bookmarked it. And I also need to start recording Battlefield footage(which I have yet to do) the other nights stream especially) to all Christmas newbs it ain personal, we ALL have to take our licks when we start out in the game. Don’t rage get better and get us back. As you can see I am getting a LITTLE BETTER at adding in some of my internal links. SOME not all.


Little note to those coming by my page

If you wish to read and bounce, I don’t mind, if you wish to comment and POSSIBLY attract viewers to your page hey no problem, but if you are going to link to one of the many random ass posts that I am gonna place on here at least have something in common with the post.

I’m a pretty easy guy, you comment no matter how silly I’ll leave it. You just attempt to use me as an artificial way to generate hits *SPAM* If I like a post I will like it, if I have a comment for a post I will comment, i will not just attempt to leech eyes, thats lame.

A little common web courtesy folks, thats all I’m asking for here