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I’m curious, is The Hangover to some new classic?

Every once in a while I look through my stats and the most looked at post is the review for “the Hangover 2”, now it may be the provocative title “it’s called Bangkok not Bangcunt Honey” which is a hilarious one liner from the movie. I forget the character’s name but he’s the ACTOR who is playing a Dentist(not the Dentist Turned actor) who finds out he enjoyed ALL that Thailand had to offer in evening fun.

Sometimes when I do a review if a line sticks out to me or a description I use it as the title. Since “the Hangover” is a series of movies dealing with the aftermath of having too much fun with your friends during a night out. All fiction supposedly but extremely hilarious, plus you get Mike Tyson punching somebody. Now why did I post the movie (more…)


Its called Bangkok not Bangcunt honey

The Hangover¬†part II¬†was inappropriate from the word go, the wolfpack is back Doug, Phil, Stu and Allen its another wedding and if anything can happen in Vegas you damn sure don’t want Bangkok to get you. Now from the moment the guys wake up in the stranger, seedy hotel room this movie turns into an homage to full frontal asian cock shots. Yup first we have to see Mr. Chow’s dick after Phil, Stu and Allen wake up. The first time you didn’t realize it but when he stands up butt ass naked there are no more questions. By the way who trains a monkey to snort coke and be inapropriate with penises, really you’re in bangkok 2 grand can make ya dreams come true.