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Hey what do you know, little to no spam

Yes, it has been another writing hiatus. No I don’t know why. I just get like that sometimes and NO it isn’t tied to my beloved eagles hovering around the .500 mark. As one of my favorite Christmas presents says Philadelphia WORLD Champions. I don’t care we still the champs. If I get in a rut I get in a rut, time constraints, ideas flittering out, and the craziness that is the world in 2018 really didn’t inspire much key tapping. I mainly came over here to look for spam and I didn’t really see any. So hey thanks all for not junking up my blog


Enjoy your holidays and I don’t know what I will do between now in the new year besides game. If you want to see me stream (on my Xbox, haven’t bought Spider-man yet so the PS4 is DUUUS TAAAAAAAAY) Twitch and Mixer. I have added a few more videos to my YouTube channel but nowhere near enough, I need to be more diligent about going back and capturing footage if I recorded or bookmarked it. And I also need to start recording Battlefield footage(which I have yet to do) the other nights stream especially) to all Christmas newbs it ain personal, we ALL have to take our licks when we start out in the game. Don’t rage get better and get us back. As you can see I am getting a LITTLE BETTER at adding in some of my internal links. SOME not all.


Hey visitors

Just sitting back relaxing and figured I’d ask “how ya durin”, yes I’m working on the next part of the erotic story, just started today so who knows how long it will take me to finish. The last one was kinda quick to the action the next part will be a little more drawn out(I think, I kinda suck at story writing so let’s see how it works out), I want to introduce a few more characters as well as up the level of difficulty.

I’m trying to see if I like the way the story shakes out. I’m the king of random bullshit, so this sworee into an organized sequential story is making me find chops I didn’t have which is good and yet scary at the same time. I noticed quite a few people came to check out the story I hope you enjoyed, if not hey you can’t please everybody(and you’re a fool to try, which I have been that fool before but not anymore).