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Was going to write on the DEBACLE that is the new NFL Anthem policy here

But after I got a good head of steam going, I realized I didn’t need to curse to say what I was thinking(So I moved it to Blogger), and it’s pronounced Deb Ah Cul, because if the word means DISASTER why are we pronouncing it correctly. I think the word should live up to it’s name. Personally, I think they are IDIOTS seriously you are going to give people who do NOTHING but train and hit up Social Media alone time for the protests that can be cued up for while the game is happening. Yeah BRILLIANT.

This reactionary ass move is on some “Who’s that peepin in my Window” type shit. It’s too damn late, folks already in the window if you AIN close the shades they den seen it all. If you shades are closed well, you got a chance. It’s like they have let a certain idiot get their minds all gassed up and they pockets all fucked up. NOT that I am going to stop watching, I will say that now(though the new kick off rule is making me wonder how much longer it will be a viable product) but I can see how the strains of the new landscape are STARTING to tear at it’s seems. If we thought “Reality TV” was bad, Reality Social Media is the Case Cracker.  (more…)


Obviously one does not just Dare Arby’s

Dear Arby’s

The Fuck Is THIS! No, no this is a valid question to ask. I mean we ain even gone get to the fact that they have the words NUTRITIONAL and INFORMATION at the bottom of this picture no no, that is to be tabled to a later discussion. I asked, and the Lady behind the counter said, “the sandwich has EVERY MEAT WE SERVE on it.” Not that I was thinking of ordering it, my affairs aren’t in order, and I personally don’t want to die 5 minutes after eating it nor do I feel like eating salad for the next 6 weeks to get all of that meat out of my body. I mean let’s look at this ignorant shit you have:

  1. Pepper Bacon(of course it starts with bacon, all cakes must be iced)
  2. Roast Beef(cause it’s Arby’s it’s their thing)
  3. Cheddar Cheese
  4. Angus Beef(cause they want this to be a good and flavorful death)
  5. Smoked Brisket
  6. Pit Smoked Ham(I think they believe smoke is a food group
  7. Swiss Cheese(technically at this point we are at Dagwood Level)
  8. Roast Turkey(cause yes both Turkey AND BEEF can be roasted
  9. Chicken Tenders(because if the only thing fried/greasy on this sandwich was bacon they FAILED as sandwich creators *shrug*)
  10. A Star Cut Bun(to solidify locking your bowels up)

This sandwich is served with a BACKHAND from your cardiologist. Your nutritionist will judge you for 6 months after eating this sandwich. This Sandwich looks like they were dared to put a Subway footlong on a Kaiser/Burger Roll. This sandwich looks like Punishment for coming in last at the strongman competition, “there is not enough meat in your system, we must add more meat to make your stronger!” This sandwich looks like it comes with a waiver you must sign to guarantee that you were of good health before you ate the sandwich and that you death within a week of consumption is in no way Arby’s fault. (more…)

The first RECORDED official FTD of 2016

I know I have already had a few Fuck This Day’s in 2016, nothing is going right shit that is supposed to be easy turns around and bites me squarely on the under cheek of my ass. Not just the cheek but the under cheek, where you really got to dig when it starts itching. So, first stop of the day we are doing a house because his HDMI stopped working no big deal right, WRONG. We plug up the new HDMI extender and it doesn’t work. Now first off the TV is too tight against the wall so MAYBE that is why the previous extender didn’t work so we go downstairs to try it out there, *jeopardy wrong answer sound* nope still doesn’t work so maybe that means the HDMI port on the device doesn’t work anymore because we tested the cables.

Now at some point during lifting and replacing TV’s, removing shelves, changing and testing wires I took my leather coat off. I didn’t really notice because I had my cloth jacket on at the time too(just to have a hood to keep my ears warm), and I mainly took it off for ease of movement. I’m also supposed to be hooking up the internet, hit the WPS button, the Novo connects and here I am ready to get it done, buuuuuut while I am connected, and his internet is secured, there is no internet. Seriously no internet even though I am connected to the router. I run a few tests(that never work), I go through a few other steps and then I just go ahead and unplug it for a 30 count(yes even an IT tech really does unplug the device and do a full power cycle. You’d be surprised how often that shit works) give it a few seconds(longer than it should have taken which should have warned me what I was in for) and boom it connects. I make a few adjustments in the devices, send out the information, and let the customer and boss know what we ran in to as well as that we will have to return.

So we head out to Mississippi and get to the Flying J where I realize summa bitch did I forget my jacket? Ask YB(cause you know at 6’2 he is OUTRAGED when I call him little since you know I’m 5’10. It’s a sibling thing if you got one you understand) fuck it we gotta go back later/somebody else has to head back and check so I just let folks know and we head on out to Holly Springs. Aiight we get our marching orders and we start going about doing the do (more…)

tales of the procrastinating blogger

I’ve been busy and baking(not in the betty crocker or Gutter man sense, but in the damn it’s hot sense), so both my blogs have been suffering a little I mean there have been posts here and there, but never as many as there should have been. Over on blog spot my “X-men:First Class” blog is like 2 weeks over due and now my trailer blog for “Green Lantern” is tardy and after today my review on “Green Lantern” itself will be amiss.

Yes I need to get off my ass and just do it, so whats stopping me. I don’t know I am trying to get back to writing like I was hell may was a show stopper 50 posts in one month I hadn’t done that since November of last year. Then I get to June and *fizzle*, then again I’m at over 100 for the year on blogspot, so I shouldn’t be so worried about it. Everybody has periods where they fall off, shit I have over 5000 hits now(to some that is chump change, for me its like WHOOOOA MAMA) so I’m not feeling myself but I am feeling pretty fucking good. I know my focus is off, I have no excuse for it really which is why I am writing in an attempt to just have something come off my fingertips. Because if you can get writing sometimes it’s contagious you wrote something already so you will write again, the easiest way to break “writers block” isn’t to attempt to write your great novel just write something write. (more…)