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Xbox One X? XOX tired of the Bone jokes are we Microsoft?

Not that the term Xbone X won’t become a thing, cause it probably will, looks sweet though. And yes, yes I know how game fanboys are people are gonna be all about “specs mean nada, what about the games” welp as Phil announced 22 exclusives with double X enhanced experiences(Hmm the XX I like it, almost porno graphic yup they had to see this coming). Now to be fair, I got so bored trying to wait for the conference to start that I missed the beginning of the show so I watched someone else’s live stream and wound it back. I wanted to make sure I got the console name right before I started Blogging about it. SO the important shit:

The Xbox One X is smaller(it’s barely larger than the controller I guess they got tired of the SIZE comments cause people only like their Dicks, Tits, Asses and TV’s big smh), it looks sleeker, comes in an almost either matte black or else Gun Metal Gray. It is also Launching as a Scorpio(IE between October 22 and November 21), they didn’t keep the name but at least they dropped it around the right time. I know I am currently watching the mixer stream, but they are dropping these exclusives like crazy, a new Metro(which I will get into detail with later), Forza 7, Deep Rock Galactic, State of Decay 2, The Darwin Project, okay and now they are talking about a minecraft update. It almost looks like Microsoft is saying “take your claims of 4k gaming not being possible and our lack of games along with your PS4 Pro, without a 4k bluray player even though Sony makes it, turn that sum bitch sideways and shove it straight up your ass. (more…)


Digital vs Disc: My thoughts on the new gaming trend

It’s been well over a year since I’ve owned my Xbox One, and with it was my first fully digital NEW game. I’ve had a PS4 going on 2 years now and while I have digitally downloaded OLD free games, I didn’t have a game that was fully digital, that I paid my hard-earned money for, that I couldn’t flip over in my hand. It took a little getting used to, especially since I bought that Xbox a week before the damn game came out, and of course the game was LOADED on the Xbox but you couldn’t play it(BIIIIIIIITCH), nope not until midnight of release day. So if we are scoring it that is a slight knock on digital games, the fact that the game is there but you can’t play it feels like a taunt, what I’m a gamer if it says I have it let me play it.

The games play similarly and due to a hiccup with my Xbox late last year I got the answer to the question: “Well what happens if I have to reset my xbox, all my games, all my game saves will they just be eaten?” The answer to that question is no, not if you are connected to the internet and the cloud. Make sure you update your Xbox regularly, make sure you have it connected to the cloud(if you have an external storage device USE THAT SHIT) and once it gets done reloading the software and getting things right it will download all your games, game saves, and information and while it was reset it won’t be a new new xbox, it will just be your xbox not fucking up. So for that scary question(which was one of my main obstacles to buying digital games before, like I can get over losing a save but the whole damn game? Nah son) they definitely set things up to NOT have people throwing their gaming systems out 2 story windows.  (more…)

From annnoying to what the fuck in 2 hours

Yes, that is the title of my day. Now for those of you who have only RECENTLY found my language free(a joke on weapons free I am a gamer) blog, you may think this is a little harsh. Let me explain why it isn’t:

SO round about Thursday my toilet decided it didn’t want to flush properly, *annoyed as hell face* so like any other adult, I pulled up my big boy pants, took everything off the back of the toilet and then checked to see what was wrong. Half of the “flapper”(that is the ACTUAL term, don’t believe me? Go to Home Depot and look in the plumbing section, like so) had come off the valve stem. I’m assuming this is the flapper that had been in there since the toilet had been installed because it had some odd looking tannish slime on it. Big boy pants were already up, I wasn’t happy but I reached my had in there, readjusted the flapper so that it was on both sides, made sure that the toilet flushed correctly, THOROUGHLY washed my hands, and went about my day. (more…)

So Microsoft says take your fear and shove it

Microsoft’s E3 can be summed up as such: that Xbox Everywhere thing we mentioned, we meant that shit. Xbox slim, yup it’s real and we gone open the show with it. And in Closing, Xbox Scorpio yup that bitch is real too. Oh, you thought we were scared to admit we didn’t put out a strong enough system this time, nope tell Sony take this with their 4.5 teraflops we going for 6. And we saw which conference you liked yesterday between EA and Bathesda, you want to see gameplay, we got your gameplay. Of the games I saw

Forza Horizon 3, don’t care. I love Forza Motorsports 6, but I didn’t like the horizon demo so no for me on horizon. Here’s the gameplay though just in case you are interested in it

Gears of War 4, looks awesome, I may step back in.

Recore, looks like fun I don’t know if you will be able to carry more than one buddy around with you or if it’s one buddy, one core, and you have to just keep moving it from one beasty to the next.

Halo Wars 2 looks interesting, I like RTS games sometimes but will I like a Halo RTS not really sure. And as soon as I get home I’m going to download the beta(using the tablet to watch E3 so yeah can’t do it from the tablet)

Gwent, Ghent, whatever the Witcher III card game is. I mean I already play magic so I may give it a look just like the Elder Scrolls legends game

State of Decay 2, I didn’t play the first State of Decay Zombie game manly because I suck at Zombie games one of these days I will twitch myself playing black ops Zombies so you can see just how bad I am at it.

Dead Rising 4 was also shown on the stage

Of course as I stated earlier Microsoft announced the Xbox one S(basically Xbox one Slim) and at the end they announced Xbox Project Scorpio which is the hulking new Xbox the slim is 299 in line with any of your current Xbox one purchases, I think the Scorpio will most likely be 399-449 just because of the power boost. But if they price it under 360 I won’t complain and depending on what I see on the Scorpio I may buy a new System. It’s schedule for Holiday 2017(so basically Christmas 2017 so I have plenty of months to look into it and decide if I want to blow a check). I expect it to be equal to what Sony does, now while SOME Occulus games were announced and Bathesda was there talking about adding Fallout 4 to Xbox VR, during THEIR event the only mentioned the HTC Vive they possibly haven’t gotten their new Dev Kits yet. (more…)